Album Premiere: Infesticide – ‘Envenoming Wounds’

Out this Friday on Blood Harvest, Envenoming Wounds, the long-overdue second album from thrashing Mexican death metal trio Infesticide, rips like some vicious and crazed beast finally loosed from its cage after years of cruel lockup. Since their debut album dropped back in 2016, Infesticide have undergone some lineup changes, but, as they prove on Envenoming Wounds, their vision has remain focused and full of fire. 

Blasting with relentlessly metallic kick drums, fretboard melting riffs and cacodemonic vocals, Envenoming Wounds arrives just in time to nuke whatever preconceived notions you had about the state of modern death metal.  

 “The music is power, skills are our medium, darkness as method and the result is equal to Death,” the band write via email. They say, “Infesticide is death metal in the way it always had to exist!” Infesticide go on to say they “couldn’t imagine working with another record label. Blood Harvest is the perfect choice, [and] shall lead Envenoming Wounds to magnificent levels.”

Envenoming Wounds

Envenoming Wounds by INFESTICIDE

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