Hear a Brand New DROPDEAD Song & Pre-Order the Decibel Exclusive Clear LP Version of the New Album!

Hardcore punk legends Dropdead may have been active for three decades, but their latest—their second self-titled album—rips just as hard as the first self-titled album did in 1993. Slated for a September release via Armageddon Label, Dropdead continues on a similar path the Providence band have tread throughout their history, but there is a larger focus on the lyrics.

“Abattoir of Pain”—a new song from the album, streaming below—is a ripping 50 seconds, calling upon the listener to go vegan. The message is elaborated upon when the song concludes, with the band providing statistics and resources for those interested.

“The Slaughterhouse. The Abattoir,” vocalist Bob Otis tells Decibel. “A Hell on Earth for millions and millions of sentient animals trapped and tortured behind it’s walls.

“The screams of the innocent ring out like unholy song amidst its gore covered halls.

“Insanity and the smell of shit and fear corrupt the air.

“Living, breathing, thinking, feeling beings are boiled alive.

“Their trembling limbs are sawn off while they are still conscious.

“Throats are slit, steaming entrails are torn from still breathing bodies.

“We take everything from them: their lives, their future, their flesh.”

“This is a hymn for the dead and a prayer for the living,” he continues.  “This is a plead for sanity. For empathy. For decency. A call for whatever goodness still exists inside you, to please make a change. Reject this tradition of bloodshed, work towards a better world, choose life over death. GO VEGAN.”

Physical copies of Dropdead’s third LP won’t be available until November, but you can pre-order a Decibel-exclusive clear variant of the record right here. It’s limited to 100 copies worldwide,  so don’t count on it being available for long. Watch and listen to “Abattoir of Pain” below.

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