Full EP Stream: Corrupt Moral Altar – “Patiently Waiting for Wonderful Things”

Sometimes the wonderful thing everyone needs is grindcore and Corrupt Moral Altar deliver that in spades with their new EP, Patiently Waiting for Wonderful Things. Picking up where 2017’s Eunoia full-length left off, Patiently Waiting for Wonderful Things is a spastic, high-energy romp through grind, death metal, noise rock and general extremity.

Napalm Death live guitarist John Cooke plays guitar in Corrupt Moral Altar and drummer/producer Tom Dring is responsible for all three Venom Prison releases, so it comes as little surprise that Patiently Waiting for Wonderful Things is both memorable and sounds like a train bearing down upon the listener.

“Cathedral of Porn” and “You Smell Expensive” provide sassy noise rock attitude while the back half provides more straightforward death and grind craziness—and at only five songs, we’re left impatiently waiting for more at the conclusion of “I am an Ocean of Wisdom.”

“2020: the year that keeps on taking,” Dring tells Decibel. “Although we’re thrilled to reveal this stream of Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things via Decibel, those of you waiting for physical vinyl copies will have to flex your patience muscle a little longer, as the truck which was delivering our records to APF HQ was involved in an accident and much of the cargo was destroyed. Some say the heaviness was too much for the vehicle to bear, others say ‘don’t say that, you insensitive dickheads’ and they’re probably right. In all seriousness, we hope those involved in the accident are OK, we hope you enjoy the EP stream and you’ll just have to sit tight a little while longer for the physical copies!”

Listen to Patiently Waiting for Wonderful Things below and grab a physical copy through APF Records.

Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things by Corrupt Moral Altar

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Listen: Fuming Mouth Release “Beyond the Tomb” EP

Death metal unit Fuming Mouth have been active since 2013, but it was last year’s The Grand Descent that really showcased the band outside the east coast of the United States. Combining death metal with crust and hardcore, The Grand Descent—released on Triple B Recordsended up as one of the more memorable hardcore-adjacent releases in recent years.

A year and change later, following tours with the likes of Integrity and Rotting Out, and with just a few days’ notice, Fuming Mouth announced their signing to Nuclear Blast with Beyond the Tomb, a ripping three-track EP.

Beyond the Tomb is the heaviest Fuming Mouth have ever sounded, tearing through bulldozing riff after bulldozing riff. The band lean heavily into the metal side of their sound here, offering wild guitar solos, clean backing vocals and even some doom (“Road to Odessa”) alongside the death metal. There are still breakdowns and plenty of opportunities to mosh on each song, but Beyond the Tomb feels like a large sonic leap from The Grand Descent.

Head to Youtube or other streaming service to hear Beyond the Tomb in full; physical copies are available through Triple B and Nuclear Blast.

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Darkthrone’s ‘A Blaze in the Northern Sky’ Honored By the National Library of Norway

Great works of art, particularly ones regarded as subversive or transgressive, follow a traceable life-cycle over time.

Initially, the offending painting, book, or composition is regarded as an anathema, especially among the bourgeois chattering classes, obsessed as they are with status and self-serving notions of good taste. But if there’s something worthwhile or enduring about the work, it will find a devoted audience among dissidents across the spectrum. Eventually, as the cultural wheel turns, it will gain some cache as an accepted commodity, perhaps one with an “edge” that can serve as a selling point or signifier for its expanding audience. Finally, enough time passes and enough surplus goodwill builds up that the museums, libraries, and academics come calling to place it within a culture’s official pantheon.

And thus that time has come for Darkthrone‘s eternally dark masterpiece, A Blaze in the Northern Sky. The National Library of Norway has included a first-edition print of the album in it’s “Enlightened” exhibition:

“These items represent particular moments in our shared history, telling of great breakthroughs, creative masterpieces and crucial events that have shaped our capacity for expression and our nation.

Among the items presented in the exhibition are Roald Amundsens letter from The South Pole, the script from the world-famous TV-series Skam, voting ballots from the referendum on monarchy in 1905, and Edvard Grieg’s handwritten sheet music for his Piano concerto in A minor.

The National Library of Norway collection includes a large proportion of the material published from the 12th century up until the present day. The collection is our common collective memory, where we find stories of who we are and where we come from. Enlightened is one such story.

The exhibition was opened by His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Norway on the 27th of February, 2020.”

In a way, it’s unsurprising that Darkthrone would be one of the first of the Norwegian second-wave bands to be honored at such a high level. First of all, in terms of quality, the triad of their second, third and fourth albums are virtually unmatched in black metal history. And, as one of the bands least involved in the crimes committed by the Black Circle, the mention of Darkthrone doesn’t conjure up the images of arson and murder that other bands might.

Here’s a brief clip of Fenriz being Fenriz and talking about the album:

And here’s a longer interview with the more subdued Nocturno Culto, sipping beer as he describes the making of the album in detail and what it means to be honored at a national level:


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Top Five Psych Rock Records That Changed Our Lives With Molassess

The last time Farida Lemouchi–memorable Mouth of Satan from The Devil’s Blood–took the stage, was during the 2014 edition of Roadburn to pay tribute to her brother, guitarist Selim Lemouchi, who died a few weeks earlier. The singer could have stopped there, if it had not been for the insistence of the festival’s artistic director Walter Hoeijmakers, who pushed her to return to the spotlight for the 2019 edition. Accompanied by her former comrades Oeds Beydals, Ron van Herpen (guitars) and Job van de Zande (bass) and two newcomers, Bob Hogenelst (drums) and Matthijs Stronks (keyboards), she agreed, but no question of replaying Selim’s songs without him. Molassess was born. Now, the group offers its debut album, Through the Hollow, seven years after the last joint creations. A psychedelic spiderweb of rock with the doom and space side of the ’70s, the prog approach and the thirst to combine everything into one huge heavy cauldron. Instead of reproducing The Devil’s Blood and what has been buried for years, Molassess moves forward. Through The Hollow makes clear that this is very much a singular, standalone entity with its own distinct vision.

To celebrate the release of the album, we caught up with Molassess to find out the Top Five Psychedelic Rock Albums That Changed Their Lives.

Farida Lemouchi (vocals): Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
I was 5 when I first heard that record. My mother had a friend who bought that LP and came straight to our house to listen to it, music enthusiast as he was (we had this old Marantz amp with great sound). I [would] always lay on the floor with my ears in the old Philips speakers. The real big ones, in a wooden housing. With my eyes closed, I remember that I was immediately carried away by the dreamy, unworldly sounds. Like a fairytale, but one of which you don’t know if it will end well. Until the intro of “Wish You Were Here,” everyone was silent and full of attention, and then all of a sudden he turned off the record, packed it up again, and said this one is not good, I’m going back to the store. Of course, I was very small, but it is a vivid memory, and that has changed my life in a way, it has been the start of listening to less common music, the beginning of a journey of discovery and the love for anything out of the ordinary really.

I could also have chosen a record by Roky [Erickson], Jefferson Airplane, or some obvious others, because they also made their mark but only at a much later age, so that’s why this one was the “lifechanger” in particular.

Bob Hogenelst (drums): Dr. John – Gris Gris
When I first listened to this record I was amazed by the combination of an electric band and African voodoo music and vocals. Fine-tuned by Dr. John’s vocals and keys. The album is like a mushroom trip, you should try. The background singers sure know how to get hold of your ears and when you close your eyes you can see them singing and dancing around a voodoo campfire. New Orleans is the place where funk meets creole, and this record catches it all.

For someone who got shot in his hand during a saloon shooting, I think he plays some pretty good piano. Dr. John, in his own words: “If you work too hard, and you need a little rest, try my evil eye rub. I’ll put some on my boss fix jam in your breakfast.”

Ron van Herpen (guitars): Funkadelic – Maggot Brain
It was a long time ago. I must have been somewhere around 20 years old. I was hanging out with some friends in a real dirty shithole. We were drinking cheap beer and maybe smoked some pot and listened to all kinds of music. Suddenly someone said, “Hey Ron, check this out!” and then the first tone of Maggot Brain kicked in. That beautiful first push tone that really sucks you is (if you ask me) one of the best psychedelic emotional guitar solos ever! It lasts for 10 minutes and it never gets bored. Then, someone told me it was Funkadelic. I never knew much funk in those days, except for some disco-tunes (which I really like to!). Funkadelic showed me that funk music could be really psychedelic and dirty. Also, the rest of the album is great material but the title track always stayed my favorite.

Matthijs Stronks (keys): Miles Davis – Bitches Brew
My professor at the conservatory reacted with surprise when I said, “I haven’t heard it.” That same day, I went to the record shop to buy the album. Since then, my interest in combinations of sounds was even bigger, it was absolutely clear that you can only make music with a lot of balls and you have to have your own identity. What Miles did perfectly, in my opinion, is not giving a shit about frameworks and exactly because of that, he reached a bigger audience. The way of combining the establishment in jazz and making music, beginning at zero and ending up at zero, to me, is timeless. The way music should be.

Job van de Zande (bass): Orange Sunshine – Homo Erectus
It’s not only the album that changed a lot in my life. With Orange Sunshine came countless sweaty, loud, beer-spilling shows. The home of this band was a squat called the scsi-cell. Lots of cool shit happened there. I remember Annihilation Time playing there and The Murder Junkies. Orange Sunshine was notorious for putting their tube amps at full weck and the scsi-cell was not bigger than a small living room that barely fit 40 people. “Otherwise the amps would sound pussy.” Good reason, I reckoned. The shows were energetic with long fuzzy solos and repetitive bass lines. Sometimes catchy melodies, sometimes psychedelic stretched parts. For me, it changed the way I listened to music at that time. It made me more patient and appreciative of repetitive music. I could lose myself in this music in a different way than punk and hardcore that I was listening to mostly at the time. This is the reason that I chose this album. It made me change the way I listen to music, and opened the door for a lot of other musical goodness in my life.

** Molassess’ new album, Through the Hollow, is out now on Season of Mist. Get your devilish blood over to the label’s US store (HERE) to pick up Molassess on LP, CD, and digital.

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LIVEWIRE Release New Single


Quickly rising from the local Australian metal scene are Livewire.


Originating from Sydney, Australia, Livewire are a force to be reckoned with in the world of Heavy Metal music. Wasting no time in hitting hard, heavy and fast with their unique and energetic brand of Speed Metal, the result is an astonishing aural assault that leaves your neck sore, ears ringing and mind wanting more!

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GOJIRA Added To TUSKA 2021 Line-Up


French metal giant Gojira will be performing at Tuska 2021 as one the headliners.


These progressive metal trailblazers were due to shake things up in Finland already in 2020. We’re extremely happy to announce that the stars are finally aligned and Gojira’s visit to Finland in summer 2021 is now confirmed. Gojira will also perform at Provinssi in Seinäjoki.


Confirmed acts so far for Tuska 2021: Korn, Gojira, Deftones, Devin Townsend, Bodom After Midnight, Insomnium, Mokoma, Beast In Black, Symphony X, Eluveitie, Jinjer, Lost Society, Belzebubs, High On Fire, Perturbator, Oranssi Pazuzu, Vltimas, Gaahls Wyrd.

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MY DYING BRIDE Release MLP “Macabre Cabaret”


The kindred of Yorkshire, My Dying Bride, raise the curtains: Their new MLP Macabre Cabaret, following the band’s highly acclaimed album The Ghost Of Orion (March 6th) is out now.


Singer Aaron Stainthorpe states: “The latest offering from Yorkshire’s finest merchants of misery features new music composed in the style the band have made their own over three decades which continues their relevance within the scene today.

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IN THE WHALE Release “Crosses”

Riot Records brings you the new single from Denver, Colorado’s In The Whale titled “Crosses”.


In The Whale deliver another aural beating to the senses. The two-piece are hell-bent on pummeling you into the ground with their post-rock assault.


Watch “Crosses” below:


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STONE DEAF With New Single


Stone Deaf have released their latest single “Cloven Hoof” which is lifted from their upcoming album Killers.


“Cloven Hoof” is the follow up to previous single “Polaroid”, blending desert and stoner rock with an old school punk edge.


Listen to “Cloven Hoof” below:


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MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP With Single and Album Announce


To celebrate 50 years in the music industry, Michael Schenker will release his latest MSG album, Immortal, via Nuclear Blast on January 29.


In the lead-up, Schenker has released a lyric video for “Drilled To Kill” which features vocals from Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) and an entertaining guitar verse keyboard dual between Schenker and Derek Sherinian (Black County Communion).

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