Video Premiere: Angstskríg- “Skyggespil”

Denmark’s Angstskríg is going places. On their debut album, Skyggespil, the band uses an infectious blend of second-wave black metal (especially Immortal and Nemesis Devina-era Satyricon) and classic heavy metal that punches hard but still maintains a cold, enveloping atmosphere. Composed of two permanent members, both remaining anonymous, the band has allied itself with various other musicians across the metal world to bring further shades of sonic nuance to the record.

Decibel is therefore proud to present the album’s title track, featuring guitarist Attila Vörös ripping solo and lead work, which definitely adds a special flair to the mix.

According to the band:

“The black wanderers continue their journey through the Nordic wonderland from bright, snow-covered, frozen lakes into the darkness of the cave, where shadows roam. Do we believe in shadows? Or do we step out of the cave and into the light? Skyggespil (‘Shadow Play’) is both the title track and the album opener, so there’s a lot of pressure on this precious melody. However, it displays a variety of elements that are key to Angstskríg’s eclectic, yet, particular Nordic flavor, which obviously goes perfectly with Attila Vörös’ tasty Hungarian seasoning.”

Skyggespil will be released on May 28 via Despotz Records, pre-order information can be found here.

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“200,” The Official Beer of Decibel’s 200th Issue Show Extremely Ex-Stream, Available for Pre-Order From Adroit Theory!

Decibel is honored to announce 200, the official beer of our 200th Issue Show Extremely Ex-Stream event! Brewed in collaboration with Virginia craft brewing heavyweights Adroit Theory, this Extremely Extreme Russian Imperial Stout is conditioned on toasted coconut, cacao nibs, peanut butter, pretzels and maple syrup, and clocks in at a mind-altering 14% ABV!

Lucky for you, you wouldn’t need a ride home from your couch, as you can pre-order 200 (ships April 21) and get your limited four-pack in time to raise a glass during Decibel’s 200th Issue Show Extremely Ex-Stream event, airing free on YouTube on April 30 at 8pm ET and featuring exclusive new performances from Midnight, Khemmis, Full of Hell, Horrendous, Wake and dozens of special guest appearances!

So, check your state’s shipping availability and then pre-order 200 (and pretty music anything else from Adroit Theory) NOW, because this extremely limited run won’t last as long as weekend hangover!

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Full Album Stream: Bushido Code – “The Ronin”

Sometimes you just have to take it back to the roots. The members of Pennsylvania crossover outfit Bushido Code have spent their lives playing in hardcore bands—Choose Your Weapon, Fury of V, xRepentx, among countless others—and they wanted to keep it simple, making an album that both hardcore fans and metalheads could get down to. The result is The Ronin, a blazing crossover record that finds its balance between Obituary, Metallica and Suicidal Tendencies.

Telling the story of Da Shi, a fictional rōnin samurai who travels through time in search of a warrior skilled enough to achieve death, Bushido code riff, shred and mosh their way through eight songs. The obstacles and internal battles that Da Shi faces along the way are reflective of common lyrical themes in hardcore, like honor, loyalty and respect, but re-envisioned in a new concept.

“We couldn’t be more excited for this release,” Ledet tells Decibel. “Through my years of playing music, this is probably the most excited I’ve been about a record that I’ve done. The Ronin is a brutal thrash experience.It should leave you dizzy from headbanging. Pick it up this Friday. Don’t be scared!”

The Ronin is streaming below and out April 16 via Upstate Records.
Bushido Code – “The Ronin” by UPSTATE RECORDS

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Track Premiere: Solstice “Ignite”

The last time we heard Florida death/thrash outfit Solstice they were supporting their To Dust album back in 2009. A year and a day since, the outfit — helmed by founding members guitarist Dennis Muñoz and drummer Alex Marquez — have lined up new album, Casting the Die, with new label Emanzipation Productions, a Denmark-based indie with a storied back catalog.

Before pushing Casting the Die into reality, Solstice re-configured its lineup in 2013 and 2017, respectively. Musical wizards Ryan Taylor (guitar) and Marcel Salas (bass) were added to the lineup as Dennis and Alex reassessed the band and its modus operandi. Musically, Casting the Die is cut more from the cloth of Solstice (1992) and Pray (1995), but boosted with the musicianship of today. While it’s taken several years for Casting the Die to find the right outlet — the album was recorded in 2017, the wait has been worth it, especially considering this is brand-new Solstice death-thrash produced (by Dennis) in the classic vein of Scott Burns. So, not only are Solstice jamming some of the best material of their career, it’s sounding exactly like we remember them from the Florida scene heyday.

Says Dennis: “Casting the Die is definitely more akin to the first two album’s sound and style as opposed to To Dust, but there are some fresh elements on this new one that weren’t overly prevalent in the past, such as Marcel’s bass playiny — you’ll actually find some nice slap parts on here, and something else that wasn’t done too much before that you’ll find on the new one is the trade off solos, a lot of Muñoz/Taylor action going on. [Lyrically], we usually like to leave the meaning of things up to the listener to get their own subjective perspective. Let’s just say this one is about prevailing through life’s obstacles — not second guessing when opportunity presents itself — and leaving behind a legacy you can look back on and be proud of. Success is when preparation meets opportunity.”

Let’s all prepare for Solstice to ignite 2021!

** Solstice’s new album, Casting The Die, is out April 23rd on Emanzipation Productions. Pre-orders of LP (four colors) and CD (HERE).

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With Kilfest less than three weeks away you could forgive organisers for focusing on fitting an already fantastic line up of bands into one afternoon of live music but the Kilfest crew have decided instead to expand that lineup by one more band to make their lives harder and yours better.


Sydney thrash outfit Flaming Wreckage have caused such a stir with their latest album Cathedral Of Bones that sheer volume of interest has forced organisers into shuffling plans to accommodate them on the lineup.

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Despite all of the uncertainty and turmoil of the last 18 months, it is refreshing to see some things never change, as perfectly exemplified when King Parrot spewed forth from our television screen last weekend, performing in a rehearsal room no bigger than your grandmother’s drawers and possibly twice as hot and stinky!


Youngy is still an unmovable presence out the front, Slatts is still cracking jokes faster than Jim Jefferies can write them, Squiz is getting closer to pulling off the perfect guitar playing splits, Toddy is still in dire need of a hairbrush and Ari still endorses VB where demand still far exceeds supply.

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HIDDEN INTENT With Tour Announce & Single


Adelaide thrashers Hidden Intent have released their third album Dead End Destiny, boasting seven new original tracks, a couple of ripping covers in The Chats “Pubfeed” and Slayer‘s “Altar Of Sacrifice” and guest solos from Denmark thrash act Artillery.


Fuelled by a firestorm of riffs, frenzied guitar solos, frenetic drumming, gritty vocals and all mashed in together with a solid slab of party, Hidden Intent are itching to tear it up on the live front and charge themselves loose onto Australian crowds like a bull at a gate.

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WARTOOTH Release Song


Brisbane thrash metal brothers Wartooth have released a music video for “Sabotage”.


The single is the latest from their debut album Programmed Dichotomy, which has been wrecking necks across the thrash metal world since its release in 2020.


Watch “Sabotage” below:


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OCEANS Release Third Single


On the back of recent single “Voices”, Oceans have dropped another tune, “Shark Tooth”, from their upcoming digital EP We Are Not Okay which is due to be released on April 30.


In contrast to the dark and depressing topics the band usually deals with, “Shark Tooth”, a powerful nu metal-infused banger, acts as a hopeful anthem for every lost soul out there.

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BOKASSA Drop New Song


Bokassa is one of Norway’s most exciting up-and-coming exports when it comes to hard-hitting, groovy and catchy rock music.


The band have just announced a tour and released their latest single “So Long, Idiots” which can be viewed below:





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